Nurturing an idea into a startup is often a labor of love for the founders.
Helping a startup grow into the next unicorn or transforming a struggling company into a thriving one often requires similarly tremendous effort from their VC and PE partners.
As an investor, you are familiar with the fierce competition for the next big win. With the industry standard of three out of four venture-backed startups failing, stakes are high, and every edge counts.
And yet, the most significant problems reported by VCs include:

  • Lack of visibility of portfolio performance - is your investment working as hard as you are?

  • Problems with adjustment of founding teams to new realities of scaling business - moving their company from the garage to an office can be a shock for many.

How do we help our clients?

Insight, insight, and insight.

With our help, both the investor and the founding team get the right tools and expertise to take the struggle out of transforming a startup into a viable business.
Through the application of our Trillayer Business Process Analysis™ to their portfolio companies, VC partners and investors can get direct insight into the operations of their investments, find potential issues before they translate into real problems, and implement proactive risk management frameworks.
In parallel, the founding teams gain the insights necessary to successfully adapt their fledgling organizations to new the new reality of operating in practical and scalable ways.
Through the application of our frameworks, investors gain the ability to extract and aggregate crucial performance data from across their portfolios, meaning they can focus their attention where it's really needed while their companies focus their brilliance on what they do best.

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So much of venture capital is pattern recognition.

Emily Weiss

Supported processes

  • Emergent governance structures

  • Process and policy formalization

  • Skill and Knowledge transfer

  • Concept productionalization

If you require any assistance with managment of a porfolio of your companies, or would like to discuss how we can assist you in hypercharging it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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